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Airline reservation system (Amadeus, SABRE, Travelport UAPI Gali, Farelogix, Charter and direct connects).

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Advanced online ticket booking engine for low cost, Charter and regular airlines

Effective service of client requires special tools which help to use greater amount of GDS systems. We prepared such offer for both small and larger travel agency and ota.

Airline reservation system is an expanded tool which enables to simultaneus searching, comparing and booking online offers like:

  • net fares offered by consolidator
  • nego fares offered by consolidator
  • public fares GDS
  • web fares of scheduled carriers
  • low cost airlines
  • polish and international charters

It is a complex and simple in use application checked by the wide group of users in European market making thousands of reservations per day.

Search engine IBE collects diffuse database from different sources (GDS, low cost airlines, consolidators).  It is based on category of rate and availability. Reservation system works with Travelport, Amadeus and Sabre systems.

For the big agencies is provided connection to multiple GDS at the same time which according to the preferences of the airlines the best GDS is indicated.

Using a serach engine doesn't require instalation of software on computer. You need only Internet access. Internet Booking Engine can be used as a reservation system in travel agency and also as a tool on the web site for self-booking by users of the site. IBE giving the ability to make a reservation at any time of the day or night accelerate booking process and customer service.

Main features:  

  • Support for many types of structured databases of net fares such Stadaf, Patheo, Farelogix, Partners, Openfares, Hitchhiker or reserved databases.
  • Total validation rules on the net fare.
  • Cache - a dynamic process of recording data in the cache.
  • One way flights, return flights, open jaw flights and double oneway - possibility of constructing itineraries linking low cost airlines with regular (for net tariffs), double availability - the possibility of creating combination of different airlines that are not compiled in a single query about the availability of GDS.
  • The ability to grouping airports in urban areas (eg. LON, LHR, STN) and display all the airlines serving selected ports.
  • The ability to block or highlight specific airline offers.
  • Additional services (eg. meals on a board aircraft, the choice of seat of airplane seat by a 3D map, travel insurances including travel cancellation insurance).
  • Searching based on a flexible criterion of a day (+/- 1 day)
  • Presentation of the results in an additional table by airline, number of stops and price).
  • Filter offers by price, number of stops, airlines, departure and arrival time.
  • Comparing selected offers.
  • Defining forms of payment including credit card and online verification in the highest security standard PCI DSS.
  • Administration panel as a tool to manage reservation and booking system with statistics, summaries, forecasts in real- time.
  • Power Price Light- a tool for establishing the amount of markup.
  • Tool to modify the content of your booking confirmation send by email.
  • Multilingualism. Search engines working in many languages increase possibility of widespreading service of travel agencies. It also helps in gaining foreign customers. Nowadays, business travels and online reservations play huge role that is why access to search engines in few basic languages is necessary. Actually, airline tickets search engines are available in more than 30 languages. The most popular are: German, English, Polish, French, Spanish, Czech, Romanian and Italian.
  • Multicurrency. In airline reservation system there is the possibility to set view of prices and system of calculation in currency different than PLN (ex. Euro, Dollar).  It is very useful for foregin customers.
  • Personalization of searching engine. IBE can be freely integrated with the travel agency’s web page. Adjusting layout(look&feel) and other functionality depends on the user. We offer pattern layouts as well as individual propositions.
  • Possibility of creating affiliate scheme.
  • Continuous development of functionality and reservation system layouts.


Airline ticket reservation system is offered in two models of cooperation:

1. Affiliate Program Specials
2. Affiliate Program Flightbox

- for small travel agencies

- without any investment costs

- there is no need to sign contracts with suppliers of technology solutions, booking systems, office issuing tickets with IATA accreditation, car rental company, hotels

- travel agency doesn't have to perform administrative work and doesn't have to hire additional staff - all activities related too the issuance and after-sales service is done by Centrum Podróży Online

- access to the administration panel gives full control over the bookings and appearance of search engine

- booking system is available in seven basic colours and two languages (English and Polish)

- there are free additional gadgets such as blocks with offers

- for large and experienced travel agencies

- wide editing options of looks and features through complex admin panels

- possibility to edit the look of booking confirmation for every internet booking system

- access to all services of GDS, net fares offered by consolidators, low cost airlines

- a large number of languages in which IBE can operate


For more detailed information on air tickets booking system and on the conditions of cooperation please contact our sales department.