Affiliate program SPECIALS

Affiliate Program Specials is designed for small travel agencies which are just starting selling on the Internet and do not have their own infrastructure to support online sales. By working with us you do not have to pay for entering in the market of e-services. It's very easy! You get search engines and put it on the website. The customer are booking on your website, we will serve your reservation, and you get a commission!

By joining the affiliate program you save time, increase the number and value of the bookings while reducing customer service costs. To make a reservation you do not have to sign contracts with the systems providers, IATA accredited agency issuing airline tickets, car rental companies, hotels, you do not need to perform administrative work alone or specially employed worker - all activities related to technical support, system maintenance, issuing tickets does for you befriended company Centrum Podróży Online. For a small fee you use technology and database listings currently available only on major tourist sites.

Check actual prices, fees and charges. Transparent accounting and administration panel, which can be accessed simply provide a full check of our search.

In the affiliate program await you search and booking systems:


You decide which modules you want to assemble and put on your website, we generate links containing an iframe with search module, allowing easy implementation of behavior design headers and footers of your website. All of our search engine are able to easily and freely change the colors.
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Do you have a question about the affiliate program Specials? Please contact our sales department.