Dynamic Packaging

Integration of diverse content

In addition to the options "fly & drive" and "fly & stay" we also offer packaged solutions that include services:

- air transportation,

- car rental,

- book accomodation,

- insurance.

Through the company's platform Ypsilon.Net various tourism services and additional services are merged in a comprehensive package. In one of the booking system you can book a set of services. This solution saves time and gives customers the flexibility of content management and distribution of online travel agencies.

Dynamic packaging focuses offers from various sources, such as the GDS systems, low cost airlines, car rentals, hotel service providers, providing integrated environment. Packages can be sold at a fixed pre-determined price (the technique "static packaging") or as dynamic elements combined according to individual customer needs.

How does it work?

The User of reservation system starts searching by fulfilling criteria for the flight. After selecting the most suitable offer an air ticket system analyzes the User's criteria, and proposes a specific offer of accommodation according to the destination and dates. The User can the proposed offer or search for another one.  After accepting the offer of accommodation reservation system displays car rental offer. You proceed by analogy with the choice of hotel.
After selecting an air ticket, hotel and car customer provides personal information, address, and payment options.
 Through reservation in this way the customer gains the time, no need to use several search engines simultaneously, filling in the same data and making an analyze of offer at different levels.

The platform is adapted to the multi-channel distribution: B2C, B2B2C, B2B and Call Center.

Main featuers:

  • margin management on many levels
  • wholesale, B2B, B2C, B2B2C and Call Center
  • dynamic packaging of various tourist services
  • price establishing on the technique of "flexible packaging" or "static packaging"
  • content from different sources are stored in a single "super PNR" containing the booking data of all services
  • ability to view all offers are updated systematically
  • dynamic process of creation and valuation compound services
  • content of air services is based on the tariffs contracted by consolidators, fares are available in different GDS systems, web fares and tariffs of  low cost airlines
  • contents of hotel and car rental services are obtained through the GDS or XML interface